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5 Keys To Being Eternally Wealthy

I came across a very helpful definition of wealth in the book “On the Destiny of Nations: Resolving Our Economic Crisis” by Dennis Peacocke. There is much in this book that is extremely valuable and I highly recommend it. I will give you the five components of wealth Peacocke describes and then I will briefly

The Elephant Stomp & the Glory Table

Exercise your imagination, it’s a game my daughter and I play where we shut off the TV or Netflix and she picks a picture and we draw it and color it together. That morning my wife’s brother was coming into town for a quick visit, so we were excited to be going to lunch with

The Lens of the Heart

  “The unholy soul could not see God even though it were set down in the midst of heaven. But holy souls see God amid the ordinary common places of earth, and find everywhere an open vision” F. B. Meyer, The Secret of Guidance It is a fact human being’s require lenses to see. Our

Elysium & My Weekend with Winkie

The first time I met Winkie Pratney was at a youth camp in a town just north of Calgary, Canada back in the early ’90’s. I still remember what he spoke about at the camp. I didn’t take any notes, there was just a connection to what he was talking about that I still remember

Pipeline to Battle

I came across an incredible story from World War 2 that has been a huge source of inspiration for us at Pipeline. Our name Pipeline is a bit unique for a church, but way back in 2004 when we were waiting on the Lord for a name he gave us this and we loved it.