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Dr. Tamara Winslow

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tamara Winslow. She is one of the co-editor’s of the Revival Study Bible along with Steve Hill & Winkie Pratney. The Revival Study Bible is quite a phenomenal accomplishment & resource, combining 2000 years of revival church history in the NKJV of the Bible. Dr. Winslow has

Is this a problem?

Towards the end of his life the revivalist Charles Finney wrote a small book called Revival Fire. I have been reading it, you can pick it up for only 99¢ on kindle. In Revival Fire Finney is in a reflective mood and is looking back at the differences he see’s in the lives of those

Winkie Pratney Coming to Pipeline

We are very excited & honored to announce author, speaker and revivalist Winkie Pratney (http://www.winkiepratney.com/) will be returning to Pipeline for two weekends in August (11th & 18th). Winkie is co-editor of the Revival Study Bible and has written many other title’s including the discipleship manual Youth Aflame, Fire of the Horizon & many more. Winkie

Revival Fire!

Does the topic of Revival interest you? It really has me gripped. A true awakening that leads to thorough conviction of sin, righteousness & judgement by the Holy Spirit. With the fruit of true repentance & a lifestyle of whole hearted faith in Jesus. Separated entirely to Jesus and the way of his kingdom. Holding